Quantum Resources for Enhancing Network Trust

US AirForce FA9550-21-1-0355


Project Abstract

With the support of this research project, Q-TRUST, we want to develop and demonstrate new applications for quantum networks using feasible quantum technology that is compatible with the photonic quantum technology for discrete-variable quantum cryptography or related tasks.

Based on our expertise on secure information processing and quantum photonics we want to focus on hybrid quantum-classical technology as well as on secure tasks that rely on our developed one-time-programs as these protocols can be readily implemented using standard quantum cryptography networks. These developments go hand in hand with our group’s efforts on investigating new schemes for delegated blind quantum computing and other protocols for which photons are particularly well suited.

The main objectives of Q-TRUST are (i) to improve photonic quantum technology for one-time programs achieving superior performances and for demonstrations towards real-life applications, including implementations in urban fiber links. (ii) to develop new schemes for other unconditionally secure applications such as oblivious transfer, quantum money or secret sharing that rely on feasible quantum technology such as single photons for one-time programs.

Finally, we will also use our urban fiber links to implement various encryption schemes for quantum computers and use these insights for designing possible nodes in secure quantum networks.