Solid-State Single Photon Emitters

Multiphoton Interference

(c) Lena Maria Hansen

Narrowband Photonic Source

(c) Marianna Schmid


We are also investigating the intrinsic nonlinear properties of solid-state single-photon emitters. Of particular is the spin-photon interface, which provides a novel method for interactions at the single-photon level and the scalable generation of entangled photon states.


Publications (Selected)

Single-active-element demultiplexed multi-photon source
L. M. Hansen, L. Carosini, L. Jehle, F. Giorgino, R. Houvenaghel, M. Vyvlecka, J. C. Loredo, P. Walther,
Optica Quantum 1, 1 (2023).

Scalable spin-photon entanglement by time-to-polarization conversion
R. Vasconcelos, S. Reisenbauer, C. Salter, G. Wachter, D. Wirtitsch, J. Schmiedmayer, P. Walther, M. Trupke,
npj Quantum Information 6, 9 (2020).