The RedBull Quantum Fellowship

Research is by definition a collaborative endeavour. The creative minds and fresh approach of early stage researchers such as PhD students or postdoctoral researchers engaged in joint scientific projects drive the research tasks from the development of innovative ideas to new insights and the development of novel technologies. Red Bull supports the research of the next generation of scientists in the group of Philip Walther whose research focus lies on the development of scalable photonic quantum technology for quantum computing and other quantum information applications.

Investigating Causal Structures in Quantum Theory

Quantum mechanics has been the most widely experimented theory in the last century. Yet, many aspects and consequences of this fascinating theory still escape us. Recently, it has been discovered that applying the laws of quantum mechanics to causal relations leads to interesting counter-intuitive results and this research line has sparked a wide interest in the scientific community. Through the research work of the Walther Group, there were opportunities to carry out some of the first experiments ever performed of this new research area (for example, the measurement of a causal witness, and the verification of causal indeterminism without assuming the validity of quantum mechanics) and hence to give a contribution to the understanding of one of the best-known and at the same time most puzzling theories governing the world.

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