The Escape Room Challenge

Early stage researchers from the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ) at the University of Vienna teamed up with experts from Red Bull Mind Gamers to create a highly competitive challenge for the global escape room tournament in Budapest 2017.

In national qualifier events more than 8.000 players tackled multi-player puzzle-challenges based on four skills: logic, creativity, visual thinking and strategy. The winning national teams were invited to test their skills in the world finals in Budapest. The finals’ real-life escape room was based on contributions by students from the research groups of Philip Walther, Markus Aspelmeyer and Caslav Brukner and designed on the astounding scientific puzzles of quantum logic.

How To Understand Quantum Logics – an interview with Philip Walther (VCQ, University of Vienna): 

Watch the escape room finals here

Escape Room Championship | Semi-Finals GoPro Run

What happens when you lock a chess grandmaster, MIT scientist, Quantum professor and tech enthusiast in the ultimate escape room? Experts checking the Escape Room at the Red Bull Mind Gamers 2017 in Budapest: