Interfacing Gravity and Quantum Physics


2024 VCQ & TURIS Summer School

Registration is open!

02. - 06. September 2024

University of Vienna
Hörsaalzentrum, Altes AKH

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by Markus Aspelmeyer
on 05.09.2024 at 18.00 at Hörsaalzentrum, Altes AKH

Confirmed Speaker

Sougato BoseTesting Gravity with Entanglement
Clare BurrageBeyond the Standard Model
Gia DvaliWhat is quantum gravity and how to test it?
Nick Huggett“What can we learn from table top quantum gravity experiments?”
Eduardo Martin MartinezConcepts of General Relativity
Tracy NorthupExperimental Quantum Information
Christopher OverstreetTesting Gravity with Atoms
Anna SanperaConcepts of Quantum Information
Hendrik UlbrichtTesting Gravity with Optomechanics


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